Jul 11, 2009

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Natural Law vs. Positive Law

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Happy Philosophy Summer.

Saving the planet sounds like a nice smiley-face concept. Who could
object to that? Ecology went off the rails years ago, when it
embraced socialism and pantheism as a philosophical base. More
people are becoming aware that today’s eco-policies may not be
saving anything and just costing everyone a lot of money for
nothing. Steve Milloy (www.junkscience.com) is author of “Green
Hell,” which demonstrates where going green is taking the culture
and the economy down a bad road.

The new atheists like to claim that logic and reason from the
Enlightenment rescued western civilization from the Dark Ages and
religious superstition, making modern science possible. Nice try
but it’s all fiction. Christianity brought Greek thinking, logic,
and philosophy into the West centuries before the Enlightenment and
set the stage for modern science as we know it. Professor Jay
Budziszewski is the philosopher of the week at the University of
Texas, Austin from where he joins Steel on Steel to discuss “The
Line Through the Heart.”

John’s boralogue examines the philosophical roots behind cap and
trade as well as the Cloward-Piven strategy for wrecking an economy
to be able to establish socialism.

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