Aug 1, 2009

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Euthanasia and Healthcare

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Don’t tell anyone but it’s August already. Sigh. Must swim

One of the objections hurled at those opposed to anthropogenic
global warming is that they’re sponsored by the oil companies. But
if we follow the money, guess who gets funded at about a 1000:1
ratio? Here’s a hint: it isn’t the skeptics. Science journalist
Joanne Nova ( joins us from her home in Perth,

We’re still asking the question: does anyone know what’s in this
healthcare bill? We’re still plowing through the legalese. It’s
really clear that there will be healthcare rationing given the
country’s economic state. So what does that mean for the elderly,
since 70% of healthcare involves those in latter stages of life?
Professor Matt Staver is Dean of the law school at Liberty University
( and there are ominous provisions in the bill.

John’s boralogue addresses handling truth when discussing things
with your progressive friends whose concept of truth may be
floating and relative. Nail their philosophy to the floor!

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