Aug 22, 2009

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The Little Country that Could

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A key to restoring much of America’s competitive edge is through
reform of education, which is not happening in public schools. It
is happening however in private and home schools. A new study
confirms that home schoolers are soaring above their government
school counterparts in academic achievement. Michael Smith,
president of Home School Legal Defense (, details the
study results.

Honduras is struggling to keep its constitution and freedoms
intact, despite much pressure from the global leftist media.
What’s happening in-country vs. the picture the global media report
is like the difference between night and day. That’s why Hondurans
now refer to CNN as the “Chavez News Network.” We’ll hear from
Donald McElvaney (, who just spent three
weeks in-country. If Honduras succeeds, it will send shockwaves
through the effort to convert Latin America into a socialist paradise.

Frank Hanna then comes on board to discuss his new book, “Money,
Madoff, and Morality,” about how capitalism and philanthropy are
compatible if the proper use of money is understood.

John’s boralogue addresses America’s coming political and economic
day of reckoning, when its fourth turning crisis will force it to
decide whether it will embrace its heritage of freedom and
capitalism or a new limited-freedom socialist system. The
boralogue also emphasizes how the healthcare debate has flipped
progressives from the role of being establishment fighters to being
the establishment itself with the resulting confusion of what to

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