Aug 29, 2009

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The Role of Religion and Politics

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Taking time off this weekend but, never fear, there’s a program here.

Philosophy summer continues with an examination of the role of religion in influencing politics. It’s quite often suggested that religion shouldn’t be involved in politics. However, religion has been instrumental in securing freedom throughout history, including the civil rights movement in this country. We’ll rerun an interview with producer Bud Boltman from CNN, dated January 22, 1992 about his book, “Revolution by Candlelight,” which narrates how movements leading to the downfall of the Soviet bloc all began in churches.

Then we’ll pick up the mini-thread on globalism with another history of an organization that was founded to promote global government: the Council on Foreign Relations, founded by Woodrow Wilson’s shadow personality, Col. Edward Mandell House after the U.S. failed to join the League of Nations. Dr. Dennis Cuddy, Ph.D., author of “The Globalists,” returns to the show. Remember: it’s not conspiracy; just networking and collaboration.

John’s boralogue explains to listeners how they can defend themselves from “truth-lies” politicians regularly use to tell you something that is technically true but in the long run turns out to be a lie.


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