Sep 26, 2009

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The EMP Threat to National Security

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John skips today’s boralogue to make room for an issue following
the national security thread we opened a few weeks ago.
Electromagnetic pulse destruction of the country’s infrastructure
via missile attack from hostile sources or from geomagnetic storms
in space is a burgeoning reality, but policy makers seem oblivious
to the danger. It’s sobering to realize just one high-altitude EMP
burst could disable the entire U.S. electrical grid. Dr. Peter
Vincent Pry is director for the United States Nuclear Strategy
Forum. (

As world leaders spoke at the United Nations this week, the UN’s
Human Rights Commission Goldstone Report concerning the recent Gaza
war has created far more controversy than settled issues. Dexter
van Zile ( returns for an examination of the issue.

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Sep 19, 2009

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The Third Jihad

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We’ve had numerous requests from listeners to clear up
misconceptions regarding dollar devaluation both from an
inflationary standpoint and from a currency exchange standpoint.
Key item that people want to know is what does this mean to them?
Jim Puplava from the Financial Sense Newshour
( joins us for a short while
to unravel this question.

We began a security thread a few weeks ago. Is the war on terror
still a threat to the United States? 30-year CIA counter-
intelligence officer Clare Lopez with the CI Centre
( joins us to examine the threat level of the
“Third Jihad.”

The Middle East is heating up so we’re planning a series of
interviews in the weeks to come as well as pursuing the security
threats to the US.

John’s extended boralogue addresses the flap around President
Obama’s talk to school children this week: much ado about nothing
this time but there are reasons for deep concerns given the
historic use of public schools to promote various indoctrination

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Sep 12, 2009

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The Insidious Truth-Lie

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The entire healthcare debate is a vibrant example of how truth-lies
operate, a series of facts which are technically true but which
play out false when reality takes over. It’s a favorite political
game and Americans need to understand it because the temptation for
politicians to use it will increase as the economy deteriorates.
Dr. Merrill Matthews. Ph.D., and president Tom Giovanetti of the
Institute for Policy Innovation ( join John to see how
the truth-lie dynamic plays out in politics.

Have you noticed that despite all the talk about federal budget
issues, we almost never hear the concept of slashing government?
This is true even as much tax money squandered by congress supports
activities we don’t approve. David Smith is professor of American
history at Baylor University and author of a book entitled, “Money
for Art.”

John’s boralogue examines the history of socialist ideas in
American education and politics, showing how the thinking of
Americans was changed in a 50-year period. Special focus is placed
on how socialism of the left and the right are both the same but
offer voters a false dichotomy in thinking they’re opposites.

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Sep 5, 2009

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Planning the Future by Reforming the Past

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Real education reform is essential to redirecting youth away from
the disastrous worldview education of the government schools of the
last 50 years. Rose Morelock is vice president of the Children’s
Lighthouse chain of private schools (
She maintains that postmodernism has done more to wreck the
Christian faith of youth than any imagined conflict between science
and religion and it’s time Christian parents do something about it.

Then John wades through important news stories of the last few weeks
and runs various audio clips to tie it all together. We’ll also feature
parts of an interview with KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov from 25 years
ago that sheds much light on the progressive socialist movement of today
and its connections to current political affairs.

John’s boralogue commemorates the 70th anniversary of Germany’s
invasion of Poland by airing radio news stories of the day and
comparing the blindness of leaders then with similar tendencies today.

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