Sep 12, 2009

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The Insidious Truth-Lie

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The entire healthcare debate is a vibrant example of how truth-lies
operate, a series of facts which are technically true but which
play out false when reality takes over. It’s a favorite political
game and Americans need to understand it because the temptation for
politicians to use it will increase as the economy deteriorates.
Dr. Merrill Matthews. Ph.D., and president Tom Giovanetti of the
Institute for Policy Innovation ( join John to see how
the truth-lie dynamic plays out in politics.

Have you noticed that despite all the talk about federal budget
issues, we almost never hear the concept of slashing government?
This is true even as much tax money squandered by congress supports
activities we don’t approve. David Smith is professor of American
history at Baylor University and author of a book entitled, “Money
for Art.”

John’s boralogue examines the history of socialist ideas in
American education and politics, showing how the thinking of
Americans was changed in a 50-year period. Special focus is placed
on how socialism of the left and the right are both the same but
offer voters a false dichotomy in thinking they’re opposites.

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