Oct 17, 2009

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The Marxist Origins of Socialism

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We’ll do a lot of news stories during today’s program.

Since the United States seems so determined to trade its freedom for socialism, perhaps we’d better look at the philosophic and historic origins of that economic theory, beginning with Karl Marx and working forward in a time line. That way we know at least we know what the bottom looks like when we bottom out. Dr. Dave Noebel, (www.summit.org) author of “Understanding the Times,” returns to the program.

Then we’ll pick up the thread on the papacy’s connections to globalism, which we began last week, moving towards a look at the American church’s surprising connection to socialist organizations.

John’s boralogue explains to Joe the Taxpayer why he isn’t recovering during so-called recovery. Politicians are speaking with forked tongue about helping Joe, while telling Joe they feel his pain, at the same time they’re piling on taxes and fees guaranteed to increase his pain. Remember, when politicians talk about economic recovery, they’re talking about their budget recovery, not your recovery.


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