Oct 31, 2009

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The States Rights Revolt

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Copious information on the program today. Seat belts on! Also, remember
to set your clocks back this weekend.

Congress passed a hate crimes law this week. Contrary to what some
on the right have been saying, it doesn’t restrict free speech.
However, there is an ominous trend where a hate accusation is used
as a political weapon to shut down debate rather than dealing with
facts. Bob Unruh from Worldnetdaily (www.wnd.com) is first up

Then we revisit the raid on the Manna Storehouse private food coop,
which took place in Ohio and the large lawsuit which has now
followed. The media are avoiding this story but it is important in
determining what people can do to raise their own food. David
“Augie” Michael, co-director of Ohio Connections to Natural Food
and Health (www.wholefoodusa.wordpress.com) joins us.

More and more state legislators around the country believe the
federal government is running financially out of control and that
it will take action on the part of state legislators — not
congressmen — to stop that. Republican Washington State
Representative and attorney Matt Shea (www.tenthamendmentcenter.com)
joins us for this part of the program.

Finally, as the situation in Iran grinds forward, there’s a new
novel by retired intelligence officer Lt. Col. Ralph Peters, “The
War After Armageddon,” which addresses what might happen after such
a Middle East conflict.

John’s boralogue details the “great disconnect” between lawmakers
and their constituents concerning whether or not we have an
economic recovery.

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