Nov 7, 2009

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Alchemy and Nanotechnology

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Time for a prediction review. John’s extended boralogue launches
into a ship-of-fools analysis of the U.S.’s healthcare debate in
the light of onrushing global economic and energy problems. This
includes a review of predictions we’ve made since 2000.

Then we’ll jump to a short discussion with James Lansberg from
Samaritan Healthcare ( to evaluate what
effect healthcare proposals will have on personal healthcare.

President Obama declared an emergency for the H1N1 virus but it’s
not showing itself more lethal than seasonal viruses. So what
gives? That’s what ENT specialist Dr. Elaina George at the
Peachtree Center ( in Atlanta, Georgia,
is asking. She’s also concerned about the potentially dangerous side-effects
of the vaccines.

Finally our featured guest of the week is scientist/theologian Dr.
Martin Erdman speaking on philosophical trends in science as
nanotechnology drifts toward age-old ideas inherent in alchemy.

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