Nov 14, 2009

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Can the West Disconnect from the Middle East?

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The first signs of consciousness that there is an emerging energy crisis seem to be appearing. The Guardian newspaper in Great Britain carried an important article this week alleging that the IEA has been suppressing the increasingly dire situation of the global energy situation. You can expect this to grow over time.

Much revolving around the Middle East: a conference on peace in Washington, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in a secret meeting with President Obama. In the aftermath of the UN’s Goldstone Report, ignored is that under the Oslo peace process, the economic conditions of Palestinians had entered a golden age of capitalism and there was open economic cooperation between Israelis and Palestinians. That was until Yassir Arafat came home and wrecked it all. George Gilder ( is author of “The Israel Test,” a narrative of how technologically interconnected the U.S. and Israel really are.

By listener request, Dr. Chuck Missler from Koinonia House ministries ( returns to the program for a free- running conversation on the religious and prophetic implications of global events.

John’s boralogue examines the arbitrary nature of hate laws in the light of the Ft. Hood attacks, where the hate-monitoring organizations remained stunningly silent and the media fell all over themselves to avoid saying the obvious.


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