Nov 28, 2009

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The Heating Global Warming Debate

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As the planet refuses to heat up any more, it’s been a bad month for global warming proponents, culminating this week with hacked emails revealing that pro-warming scientists have been conspiring to prevent global warming skeptics from having their views published or even having access to data. Environmental scientist Dr. Ken Green, Ph.D., joins the program.

Orthodox, Catholics, and evangelicals have joined together for another declaration on moral issues of the day. This time it’s the Manhattan Declaration. James Daly, ( President of Focus on the Family, joins the program.

Finally, as part of the 2009-2012 crisis window, we’re anticipating the next economic shoe to drop, most likely in the commercial real estate sector along with the declining dollar. Chuck Coppess, author of “America’s Financial Reckoning Day,” ( joins us.

John’s boralogue responds to listener emails on the subject of constitutional rights and why they’re so important.


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