Dec 5, 2009

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Why People Are Upset with Government

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John starts the show with a boralogue examining the reasons people
are currently upset with government. It seems to boil down to the
fact that Americans are weary of having politicians and bureaucrats
lie to them.

When a paradigm collapses, those endorsing it become downright
shrill in trying to defend what becomes increasingly indefensible.
We’re revisiting the evolving global warming scandal this week,
because it is instructive watching the dynamics of a collapsing
paradigm, a lesson applicable to everything from economy to
healthcare. Skeptical scientist Dr. Tim Ball (
joins us for this segment.

One consistently and completely failed promise of government for 30
years has been reforming education to make us competitive in the
21st Century. However, individual charter schools are actually
achieving these goals by using seasoned professionals from the real
business world to teach and locking certified teachers out. Bob
Compton’s new documentary “The 21st Century Solution”
( details this.

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