Dec 26, 2009

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Connecting Global Warming to Intelligent Design

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Merry Christmas again. We’re taking the holiday weekend off so we’ve pre-packaged a (hopefully) interesting program for you.

The scandal surrounding global warming has far-reaching implications for the intelligent design debate, because the attack arguments used against ID proponents are identical to those used against global warming skeptics. Dr. Steven Meyer, Ph.D., and Jay Richards from the Discovery Institute ( join the program for an interesting conversation about the soul-searching confronting science right now.

Then we’ll run clips from a 1995 SOS program featuring Joan Veon from the Women’s Group, who attended the panoply of UN conferences that were taking place around that time in Istanbul, Cairo and yes, Copenhagen. It provides perspective on which UN agendas have been rolling forward all this time and which are resurfacing.

John’s boralogue reviews the latest news on Climategate, where a Wikipedia editor re-wrote over 5,000 articles to eliminate any indication that there was global warming dissent among scientists.


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