Feb 13, 2010

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Changes in the Wind

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The G7 financial elites met on an island in the Canadian Arctic
this last weekend. What were they planning? Could it be a global
tax, which Britain’s Prime Minister Gordon Brown announced this

We’ll start this an examination with an update on the Euro crisis,
which has the potential of dealing the global economy a body blow.
An interview with Ambrose Evans-Pritchard of the London Telegraph
in the UK is featured.

Then a jump to Chuck Coppes, (www.chuckcoppes.com) author of
“America’s Financial Reckoning Day,” for a first cut at what went
on in at Baffin Island in the arctic this last weekend.

Finally a subject change to the first lawsuit challenging
provisions of the recent hate crimes legislation which passed
congress. Robert Muise from the Thomas More Law Center
(www.thomasmore.org) joins the program.

John’s boralogue advises the Tea Party movement that it has 33
months to make its case and that it’s being infiltrated by wolves
in sheep’s clothing.

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