Feb 20, 2010

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Hating the Truth about Hate

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A lot of time is spent in the first hour of today’s program
examining the effect hate speech has in masking the truth of many
political issues and why this is a grave threat to freedom of

This is exemplified by the hate speech trial of Geert Wilders in
the Netherlands for producing his widely-viewed video on the
internet. Robert Spencer from www.jihadwatch.org is the first
guest to track how well the trial is going and what hate speech
laws mean.

The government wants to require wireless companies to track the
movements of your mobile telephones. Declan McCullagh from CNET
(www.news.org) joins us for coverage of the furor that seems to be
arising over this issue.

Why is freedom of speech not widely understood? Because our youth
have not been trained in the values that build freedom in the West.
Steve Brezenski (www.stevebrezenski.com) is author of the book,
“Little People, Little Patriots, Saving America One Child at a
Time.” His premise is that we need to teach our children what
freedom is all about.

“When the horse is dead, remember to dismount,” is something John
says all the time; but politicians haven’t figured out the
anthropogenic global warming issue is dead. From the UN to state
governments, politicians are reworking laws to push more global
warming legislation, calling it “climate change” now. Paul Chesser
(www.spectator.org) from the Heartland Institute looks at the
latest efforts to make energy more expensive.

John’s boralogue lists the challenges facing the Tea Party movement
over the next 33 months as we plow through the crisis window. We
also take a brief look at growing tensions in the Middle East.

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