Mar 6, 2010

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State Governments vs. the Federal Government

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While some states are approaching financial Armageddon, many people are looking to state legislatures to force the federal government to get its economic house in order by using the Tenth Amendment of the Constitution. Gary Wood from the Tenth Amendment Center ( joins the program.

We have been stumping freedom of speech issues the last few weeks. It’s clear that on many campuses the speech of certain groups is allowed while the speech of other groups is suppressed. Gilad Ini from CAMERA ( joins the program to discuss one such even scheduled for this month.

John’s extended boralogue tries to answer some listener requests for timelines on the economic and geopolitical events that are rolling over the horizon during the next 70 months. A big fluke factor in all of this revolves around the probability of predictable, but unscheduled “rogue events.


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