Mar 13, 2010

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Free Speech for Christians 101

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Today’s program revolves around the issue of curtailment of free
speech and practice of religion.

Great Britain leads the pack regarding enforcement of political
correctness in the job and marketplace. Harassment of Christians
through hate speech and equality laws is now endemic. Paul Coleman
joins us from the Christian Legal Centre (
for a snapshot of ongoing legal cases in that country with a warning
that this is coming to the U.S. if this is allowed to continue.

Recently the Geert Wilders hate speech case in the Netherlands was
a subject here on the program, but Wilders is an enigmatic person
whose proposals many find upsetting. This reflects the dilemma of
allowing people to say things you may nevertheless find
distasteful. SOS engineer Jack Beukelman appears for a few minutes
to see how his relatives in Holland perceive the entire issue of
hate speech and Islam.

The show pauses for a few minutes to air clips of a CNN interview
with former Hamas terrorist, now Christian Mosab Hassan Yousef, with
a focus on how this interview demonstrates the media’s conflicted
representations of issues regarding Islam, terrorism and religion in general.

Many incursions against the free practice of religion and speech
have been enabled because pastors hid safely behind the separation
of religion and politics, when they should have been involved in
the battle. Professor Francis Beckwith from Baylor University is
author of “Politics for Christians – Statecraft as Soulcraft.” He
says there is no way these two forces can exist without interacting.

John’s boralogue comments briefly about the healthcare end game and
then traces the history of secularism’s efforts to shove religion
out of politics and the marketplace of public ideas.

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