May 15, 2010

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Dodging the Bullet

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With an energy storm rushing towards us, has the U.S. painted
itself into an impossible position threatening national security or
is there still time to dodge the bullet? Dr. Theodore Pavlopoulos,
Ph.D., ( is a retired naval physicist who
says this is a matter of serious concern and no one’s listening.
Our interview with the good doctor kicks off a new thread
on energy and what you need to be thinking about.

The congressional process of creating a mechanism to
legally “confiscate” 401Ks and IRAs continues in the background.
Are the things we own really safe any more? Mark Nestmann
from The Nestmann Group ( specializes
in asset protection and joins us again after a long absence from
the show.

John’s boralogue summarizes the position jockeying under way in the
Middle East as the weapons buildup — notably rockets and missiles
— and the threat of an oncoming war continues.

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