May 22, 2010

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The European Debt Crisis this Way Cometh

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Much time will be expended on the program poring over the European debt crisis with Dave McAlvany from “The McAlvany Weekly Commentary.” ( This is not solely an academic exercise because a similar crisis is heading for the United States and it is instructive to see how people and politicians in Europe have reacted to their self-inflicted crisis so we can avoid their mistakes.

Some people say we should adopt European values in law and politics. But European intellectuals have spent the last 75 years denigrating their own culture, history and religion, leaving the continent vulnerable to invading cultures and religions. Is America any better off? William Kilpatrick is author of the article, “Christianity and Cultural Survival.”

John’s boralogue uses the illegal immigration issue to demonstrate how the dialectic consensus process functions in politics and what happens when someone manages to thwart it.


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