May 29, 2010

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I Will Not Sit Down and Shut Up

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Happy Memorial Day.

Each we year we honor Memorial Day. If a country alters its
history, if it has lost the vision of what makes its contribution
to the world worthwhile, what is it we remember? John’s extended
boralogue demonstrates why a people must have concrete concepts who
they are, a knowledge of their past, and the worth of their culture
in order to preserve it and defend itself from attack.

Since remembering the past is important, Glen Boyer joins the
program. Born in 1924 Glen is author of “Where the Heart Was,” an
account of a young man growing up during the depression and World
War II.

Time for our once-every-six-months help segment. We’ll reopen a
thread begun over 17 years ago with the latest developments in
Attention Deficit and Hyperactive disorder. Some Christian authors
claimed there was no “proof” of this disorder, that biblical
discipline is all that is needed to deal with it. This created problems
for parents who found that didn’t seem to solve the program.
The latest scientific methods in advanced MRI and other
scans have now provided the missing proof and much more insight into
what is wrong. Neurologist Dr. Robert Melillo, MD, is author of the
book “Disconnected Kids” and he joins us today.

Finally attention we’ll hit the ongoing energy thread and a conversation
with an aircraft mechanic who deals with alternatives quite often. Dale
Buckeridge guests.

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