Jun 19, 2010

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Destroying the U.S. from Within

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With the country’s media hyper-focused on the gulf oil spill, we’re  moving beyond that today toward long-term ramifications.

Cap and trade is be back on the congressional menu, justifying  itself this time as a means of preventing oil spills. At least  that’s the blather. The U.S. media seems determined to ignore the  previous sky-is-falling blather, which turned out to be fraudulent.  A series of studies are emerging showing claims about a scientific  global warming consensus to be hot air. Lawrence Solomon is author  of “The Deniers” and a columnist for the “National Post” in Canada.  (energy.probeinternational.org or www.nationalpost.com)

So we’re off to the alternative energy races, but wind and solar  are not leading candidates capable of substituting for fossil fuels  at any time in the near future. No to fear, there are extremely  promising alternatives. Dr. Robert Piccioni, Ph.D.,  (www.guidetothecosmos.com) provides details on what that might be.

A speech by Colorado’s former Democratic Governor Richard Lamm is  plowing the internet, detailing a method of destroying America by  undermining its culture with multiculturalism. This is the same  Richard Lamm whose remark about the elderly having a “duty to die”  resurfaced during the healthcare debate. Governor Lamm, now a  professor at Denver University, joins us to discuss these issues,  notably his deep concern that multiculturalism has placed the  country in a position threatening our institutions and freedoms.

John’s boralogue examines why dialectical collectivism is causing  much of the paralysis in dealing with the gulf oil spill. He also  includes a mid-show narrative on the subject of truth and why it’s  so important.

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