Jul 10, 2010

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Missionaries with Mixed Metaphors

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It seems as if the U.N. is throwing global warming over the side of the ship as a crisis motivator for global wealth transfer. So what’s the next crisis du jour? It’s new biodiversity crisis and, surprise surprise, global climate change is still part of that. Marc Marano from Climate Depot (www.climatedepot.com) joins us.

Then we challenge the idea that Christian teachers in public schools are “missionaries” in their profession. In reality they are unwitting practitioners of multiple conflicting worldviews. Ray Moore from the Exodus Mandate (www.exodusmandate.org) joins us.

John’s extended boralogue updates listeners on development of the early stages of the emerging economic train wreck into which the United States is plowing. Mid show we’ll address listeners’ e- mails and other news tidbits as well.


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