Jul 17, 2010

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Christian Persecution in Israel

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We’re featuring a potpourri show today.

A fast-moving agenda to eliminate the electoral college from the
voting process in the United States is close to success. Tara Ross
(www.taraross.com) is author of the book, “Enlightened Democracy:
The Case for the Electoral College.”

Many mainline churches are adopting an increasingly hostile
attitude towards Israel, bordering on anti-semitism. The
Presbyterian Church just had such a battle in its convention.
Dexter van Zile from the Committee for Accuracy in Middle East
Reporting (www.camera.org) comes on board for a report.

Freedom of speech is under duress once again. The city of
Dearborn, Michigan, is under increasing criticism for arresting
four Christians, who were peacefully handing out literature at an
Arab festival in that city. Robert Muise is the attorney handling
their case for the Thomas More Law Center (www.thomasmore.org).

Finally, we’ll cover an often-overlooked area of persecution, where
Jews who believe in Jesus as Messiah are harassed by ultra-
Orthodox Jews in Israel. Eddie and Lura Beckford
(www.kingsmenarad.com) have had their chess club firebombed and they
premier on the program to describe these events in Israel.

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