Jul 24, 2010

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Living in Two Worldviews

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How is it that American education could have declined so
precipitously in the last 50 years, affecting everything from
politics to morals to economics, but at the same time educators
think everything’s just fine?

Moreover, Christian teachers in the public school system switch
between the secular worldview of their profession and the biblical
one of their faith but never see the problem with being double-
minded. What’s wrong with this picture?

A pronounced switch in the philosophy of education with its
theories of dialectical truth has caused the major disconnect
between education and reality.

Today’s sole guest, Mitch Wright, traces the history of education
from the mid-20th Century forward to uncover the original intent of
the educrats who created it. We discover that most of the changes
were a planned intent to transform American society into a
collectivist socialist utopia.

John’s out on vacation this week, so no boralogue. Phew!

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