Sep 4, 2010

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Mormonism vs. Christianity

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Seat belts on for a brisk show today.

We’ll re-open the thread which asks the real Islam to please stand
up. Jim Jacobson from Christian Freedom International
( examines the plight of Christians in
Pakistan, where Christians are not receiving the flood aid that
pouring into the country.

Washington and Oregon both have proposed laws and regulations to
coerce doctors and pharmacists to dispense the “morning after”
abortion pill, regardless of a practitioner’s moral convictions.
Joseph Backholm is from the Family Policy Institute (

We’ve been addressing the problem of tangled issues lately. Glen
Beck’s rally on the mall raised serious issues about the blurring
relationship between politics and religion as well as Mormonism and
orthodox Christianity. Ed Decker from ( Saints
Alive guests.

Finally, adult stem cells continue to show more promise for miracle
cures than fetal stem cells but the media keep pounding the latter.
Dr. Robert Schwarz, is professor of biology and biochemistry at the
University of Houston.

The chasm between political correctness and reality grows, and the
“big blurry” prevents the country from dealing with problems now
threatening its security. John’s boralogue examines the penchant
of the progressives to deal in cliches keeping the “big blurry” in

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