Sep 11, 2010

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How Smart is the Smart Grid?

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The State of Oregon has a new law requiring hospitals and physicians to offer morning-after abortifacients in the event of rape, regardless of the health care provider’s conscience and religious beliefs. Emergency room physician Dr. Matt Turney joins us program to discuss what this means for Christian doctors.

There is growing concern about government control of the proposed electric smart grid, as well as security concerns revolving around the uses for private information that can be gathered from it. Steve Elwart is adviser to the Departments of Energy and Homeland Security on energy security issues. He and John have an in-depth talk about the significance of all this.

Speaking of security, identity theft from minors is a serious and often hidden problem where children and their parents aren’t aware their identify has been hijacked. Linda Criddle ( is an expert in this area and provides some recommendations.

John’s boralogue follows up last week’s program on Glen Beck and explains why “good Christians” are continually being “taken” by those using dialectical reasoning and double definitions.

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