Oct 9, 2010

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Property Rights as a Base for Free Society

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John starts the show with an extended boralogue explaining why the Tea Party movement is doomed to failure unless it recognizes the core issues confronting the nation.

This dove tails directly into the next segment. When people say they believe in wealth transfer from the rich to the poor, do they really understand what they’re saying? There is a core relationship between strong private property rights protections and freedom that they have never thought of. We’ll air key clips from Dr. Michael Coffman’s (www.rescuingamericabook.com) two-hour speech, which we sponsored last week.

An essential idea to reforming government would be reducing the impact of lobbyists and increasing direct pipelines between elected officials and their constituents. But how to do that? Brent Regan (www.voxverus.com) already has a system in place.

Finally progressives often opine that knowing the religious history of the country is not important in the light of today’s events. But did the founders agree with them about their religious values? Professor Thomas Kind from Baylor University is author of “God of Liberty, A Religious History of the American Revolution.”


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