Nov 6, 2010

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From Smiley Face to Green Dragon

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731 days until the next elections in the United States. Oh no, he’s doing it again!

John’s boralogue strives to put election results in perspective with an eye to the economic storms en route to our shores within the next 48 months. This week’s rhetoric clearly demonstrated how politicians and media are oblivious to the realities we’re facing.

We hear the term “social justice” slung about by all sorts of people, including pastors. There’s a serious reality chasm between the warm-fuzzy “social justice” evokes versus the reality when it is implemented as a social program, where it morphs from warm fuzzy to snarling dragon. Carl Teichrib from ( joins us.

The last part of the program updates events in the Middle East, including the confusion Christian churches have in identifying the source of their woes in that part of the world, even as 51 Catholics were murdered by Al Qaeda terrorists in a church in Baghdad a week ago. Political correctness is clogging everyone’s filters. Dexter van Zile from CAMERA ( is on deck for this segment.


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