Nov 20, 2010

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How Bad Could It Get?

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Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

John’s boralogue kicks off the show by addressing those things for which we should be thankful this Thanksgiving, even if it means suffering and problems.

Then we’ll dig into our promise to examine what quantitative easing means, what happens when a currency dies and what’s going to happen to Social Security and Medicare. Dr. Alieta Eck ( from the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons joins the program.

How bad could things get as economics deteriorate over the next few years? We’ll ask Dr. Paul Williams, M.D., ( that question as he begins a monthly series on this subject. He also describes the ongoing situation in Haiti.

Finally, why is the U.S. building itself back into an energy corner? John Walker ( is author of “Resurrection of a Nation,” and he has some answers.


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