Feb 19, 2011

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Race to the Bottom

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The U.S. has lagged in education ever since progressive educators began reshaping it in the 1960s. Now President Obama says we have to reform this failing system to train American youth to compete in science and math. But educrats have been crowing “reform” for 30 years with no results, and competition is anathema to their thinking. So what does “reform” really mean? Dr. Karen Effram, M.D., from EdWatch (www.edwatch.org) joins us.

John pauses for a segment in the program to pay tribute to the life of Professor Edward R. Rothhaar, an expert in the history of broadcasting, and a man who shaped John’s love of the broadcast industry. Professor Rothhaar passed away suddenly this week. Don Leiffer, retired program director of KVCR-TV-FM in southern California joins us briefly.

Individual state governments are trying to do what the federal government is not doing by using the principle of nullification. Will this work or not? Bob Unruh from Worldnetdaily (www.wnd.com) examines this issue.

John’s boralogue summarizes changes on the Middle East chessboard, which is reshaping the face of global geopolitics.


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