Feb 26, 2011

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The Slow Global Oil Decompression

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Welcome to a potpourri show today.

Four Americans were murdered by pirates off the coast of Somalia this last week. An important part of the story is being ignored by the mainline media. So what else is new? Jim Jacobson from Christian Freedom International (www.christianfreedom.org) joins us.

From there attention turns to the state of world oil production. Steve Levine from Foreign Policy journal (www.foreignpolicy.com) guests for the first time with the question: Is OPEC fudging its oil reserve reports, and how much could it produce in a global crisis? The answer isn’t comforting.

Christian professionals are increasingly being denied jobs or fired because they are Christians. This is a trend that needs to be challenged. Attorney Casey Luskin from the Discovery Institute (www.discovery.org) details some of the ongoing legal cases.

Then John’s boralogue expounds on the use of template thinking in order to detect whether news reports are biased or unbiased. The show closes with a Middle East news summary.


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