Apr 2, 2011

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Toward the Next Conflict

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We’re deciphering “blips” on the Middle East radar in order to form  a more comprehensive intelligence picture for our listeners. The  potential for Islamic radicalism controlling oil-producing  countries is high. Hamas and Hezbollah believe their time is  coming for another confrontation with Israel. Al-Qaeda is involved  with Libyan rebels. The peace process is dead. Now what?

Two guests will examine this theme. The first is Frank Gaffney  (www.centerforsecuritypolicy.org) from the Center for Security Policy.  The second is historian Dr. Steve Carol, Ph.D., from the Middle East  Radio Forum (www.middleeastradioforum.org).

John’s extended boralogue directly connects the date for Easter  this year with President Obama’s energy plan to demonstrate why the  U.S. still doesn’t have a viable comprehensive energy plan capable  of functioning in the light of emerging global conflict.

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