Jun 11, 2011

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Lessons for America from Ancient Rome

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Our politicos tell us they feel the pain of the unemployed and then do their best to burden the principle creators of those jobs: small business. Brett McMahon is vice president of Miller and Long Concrete Construction and a spokesman for (www.HaltTheAssault.com).

So Republicans are throwing Granny from the cliff by trying to fend off disaster in Medicare, according to Democrats. Actually thehealthcare bill threw Granny off the cliff. Now the goal is to catch her before she hits bottom. Devon Herrick from the national Center for Policy Analysis (www.ncpa.com) explains how the new healthcare is being partially funded by robbing Medicare.

Finally we’ll examine comparisons between the collapse of ancient Rome and America today. Economics professor Dr. Ileana Johnson (www.romanianconservative.blogspot.com) grew up in communist Romania. She paints the parallels and also explains why socialism and socialist medicine is a really bad idea, having experienced both first-hand.

John’s boralogue describes the tendencies of millennials to examine truth in the light of a collective consensus rather than based on the merits of facts. This is leading to generational warfare in the United States, all rotating around the definition of the word “entitlement.”


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