Jun 25, 2011

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Showdown in the Middle East

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We’ll start SOS today by converting the boralogue into a Middle East update.

This September forecasts two elections which will affect the future of Israel: (1) The Palestinians are pushing for a United Nations declaration of statehood, creating a country of Palestine. If this unilateral move succeeds, Israel may be accused of occupying a member state’s territory with various types of sanctions taken against it. (2) Egypt is holding presidential and parliamentary elections where the Muslim Brotherhood may be the winner.

At the same time Israel is being squeezed into a corner. As the Arab spring turns into an Arab winter, countries surrounding Israel are becoming increasingly radicalized and supporting terrorist groups. This is simultaneous with the Obama administration’s efforts to coerce Israel into accepting indefensible pre-1967 borders as a basis for peace process negotiations. Columnist Caroline Glick (www.carolineglick.com) from the Jerusalem Post guests.

We’ll start a new threat entitled, “Disturbing Trends,” changes which affect our rights. Today we’ll examine the recently-expanded FBI powers. Attorney Angel Reyes (www.angelreyesblog.com) joins us from Dallas, Texas.

Finally there’s a new movement within Christianity to promote what is called “theistic evolution.” Are these two things really compatible? Dr. Jay Richards from the Discovery Institute (www.discovery.org) addressed this rising issue.


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