Aug 27, 2011

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Lessons from the Great Depression

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As election season looms, there are some candidate voices who seem to have a grasp on the issues the country faces and what needs to be done. Indiana State Treasurer Richard Mourdock ( is attempting to unseat Senator Dick Durban. Under Mourdock’s leadership Indiana actually built up a cash surplus and saw their bond ratings achieve AAA status.

As we plow into times which may well resemble the Great Depression, there are lessons to be learned about how people got along and helped each other from those who lived through it. John interviews his father-in-law, George Crossan, whose ranching family lived through those difficult times. It’s an interesting look at life in western America during the Depression.

John’s boralogue combines observations from his recent road trip to the wreckage so many progressive socialist programs have left in their wake the last 60 years, and why so many are now collapsing of the their own unsustainable weight.

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Aug 25, 2011

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Fallacy of the Week – Appeal to Ignorance

Appeal to Ignorance _ claiming the unknown; specifically when someone argues that a statement is true simply because it has never been proven false. (argumentum ad ignorantiam)


There is no evidence against “X”. Therefore, “X”.

There is no evidence for “X”. Therefore, “X”.

If “X” were true, then I would know that “X”.
I don’t know that “X”. Therefore, “X” is false.

The Appeal to Ignorance fallacy occurs when lack of evidence is used as evidence in an argument. If positive evidence for the conclusion is found, then we have reasons for accepting it, but a lack of evidence by itself is no evidence.



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Aug 20, 2011

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Surviving Churches in Stressing Times

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Greetings from Miami, Florida.

We’re doing the show from Miami this week where we’re speaking to a church on the trends, which will be affecting us in the next five years.

As such, we’re taking time off again this week and presenting the speech John did in Branson, Missouri, in spring this year, featuring an update on the possibility of persecution coming to the church in the West.

John’s boralogue analyzes the results of talking to Americans on a 3,000 mile drive from the Pacific Northwest to Florida.

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Aug 18, 2011

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Fallacy of the Week – Appeal to force/ Fear

Appeal to Force/ Fear _ threats that negative consequences will follow if the other person does not accept their position. (argumentum ad metum)


Either A or B is true.
B is frightening or uncertain.
Therefore, A is asserted to be true.

“Millions of retired Americans are struggling financially. Unless you support public policy “X”, your Social Security benefits will be cut!”

Persuasion by fear is commonplace in both politics and marketing. Evoking emotions is often used to manipulate people into supporting a policy, candidate or product.

The appeal to force or fear is the fallacy of coercing people into a specific action by asserting a negative consequence.

Appeal to force/ fear isn’t necessarily a threat since there is no direct correlation to the cause and effect relationship of the argument.

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