Dec 10, 2011

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Making Global Citizens of Public School Students

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A potpourri show is on the table today, where jumping from topic to topic should be fun.

Academic freedom is essential in education and science, especially when politically correct opinions are voiced. A lawsuit is underway in the case of a NASA engineer, who was sacked because he favored intelligent design as a creation narrative. Joshua Youngkin from the Discover Institute ( joins the show.

The Arab Christian Winter continues to darken the Middle East. Juliana Taimoorazy ( returns for an update focused on attacks on Christians in north Iraq. Remember we were supposed to be bringing democracy to Iraq. How well is that going?

So how bad will tax “clobberage” during 2012-2014 be? Bad enough that it has the potential to “crater” an economy struggling toward recovery? Jim Puplava from Financial Sense Newshour ( joins us for this segment.

Finally, we’ll cover the globalist International Baccalaureate programs moving through public education. Laura Rambeau ( and Lisa McGloughlin ( participate in a round table discussion with John.

John’s boralogue chronicles the latest efforts to prop up declining international action on climate change, where the will to do sags as global economies worsen.


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