May 26, 2012

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Mobocracy: Democracy vs. a Republic

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120021 05/26/2012

Happy Memorial Day weekend everyone.

When did we become a democracy instead of a republic? Would the veterans we memorialize this weekend, those who died for during WWI and WWII, recognize what is passed off to us as democracy today? They would have recognized it for what it is: Bolshevism, because the values of the American educational system were radically different than the one we have today.

In 50 years, how did Marxist ideology manage to get such a toehold on a country that used to prize its freedom? Dr. Jake Jacobs, Ph.D., ( is author of “Mobocracy, The Cultural & Political War to Destroy Our Republic Under God.” We’ll discuss the long march of Marxism through western academic and political culture, which is transforming our society and abolishing the very rights our founders enshrined.

John’s boralogue updates the Euro situation, which is grinding towards an obvious conclusion as Europe’s socialists attempt to deny reality. What remains hidden from public view is the fact that this is not going to end well, and it threatens to suck in the entire world as banks around the world holding European investments implode.


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