Jun 16, 2012

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Oklahoma City: What the Investigation Missed

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120024 06/16/2012

It’s been 17 years since the disaster at the Murrah Office Building in Oklahoma City. Do we really know everything about the disaster or did the investigation deliberately spike some facts to protect a number of intelligence failures. Roger Charles is author of the book, “Oklahoma City, What the Investigation Missed and Why It Matters.”

We’re often talking about cutting programs, but what about organizations such as Planned Parenthood that receive thousands of dollars of government support but could stand on its own feet financially. “Planned” is a misnomer since the majority of pregnant women who go to the centers wind up aborting their children. Chris Slattery is founder of Expectant Mother Care Frontline Pregnancy Centers in the Northeast.

John’s boralogue centers on the diminishing level of freedom we’re experiencing as we plow through a series of crises with the promise that if we just relinquish more freedom the crises will be solved. But they’re not.


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