Nov 17, 2012

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145 Myths About Christianity

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120046 11/17/2012

A lot of blips are lighting up the radar this week. The fix for solving the fiscal cliff seems to have already been in place prior to the elections because Dems and Reps are playing huggie-huggie. John’s boralogue covers this plus the buzz about state secession, where we compare the differences between legal secession and a virtual economic secession, which is more likely to occur.

The great moping continues as conservative Christians ponder the future of the country following the elections and a watershed change in the country. Sam Rohrer is a two-decade member of the Pennsylvania legislature and president of the Pennsylvania Pastor’s Network (

The straw man fallacy happens when your opponent creates a false representation of your position and then proceeds to attack the false argument as if it were true. This happens frequently in politics and public discourse. So what about all the false claims that are made about Christianity? Dr. Jeffrey Russell, Ph.D., is author of the book, “Exposing Myths about Christianity, a Guide to Answering 145 Viral Lies and Legends.”

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