Jan 5, 2013

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Using Consensus to Bully a Fiscal Cliff

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130001 01/05/2013

John’s boralogue examines the role that dialectical consensus plays in both the fiscal cliff and gun control debates, describing its seductive nature that it is difficult to fight.

Then Pat Wood from August Forecast & Review (www.augustforecast.com) joins the program for a review of the implications of the short-term and long-term fiscal cliffs. We’ll also discuss current speculation about replacing the dollar with a carbon-based currency.

Increasing regulation is one of the reasons businesses are not hiring. Many of the environmental regulations are creating a serious burden on the private sector, but are of questionable value. Dr. Scott Beaulier, Ph.D., (www.scottbeaulier.com) is co-author of an American Energy Alliance study that exposes the serious problem of over-regulation.

We’ll follow the environmental thread of by examining Man and the Biosphere programs and their impact on property owners in the United States. Carole “CJ” Williams (www.newswithviews.com/Williams/carole117.htm) guests.

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