Feb 9, 2013

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Dealing with Disconnects – Politics to Science

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130006 02/09/2013

John’s extended boralogue waltzes through an interconnected series of issues from supposedly “reasonable” arguments about gun control to the difference between barn building and barn burning, meaning free markets versus socialism.

We’ve been warning that the vague concept of “mental health” is rapidly becoming a government club against politically incorrect groups. In Connecticut a proposed bill would require home school students to submit to invasive mental health evaluations. Attorney Dee Black with Home School Legal Defense (www.hslda.org) guests.

Canada has a problem with conflicts in its abortion laws, where hundreds of late term abortions have resulted in infants born alive but with abortionists refusing to care for the infants. This reflects a further creep in the definition of what is and what isn’t human. Michael Schouten from We Need a Law (www.weneedalaw.ca) in Canada guests.

Finally we’ll compare the recent exhumation of King Richard III’s remains in Leicester, England, with dinosaur bones. They both have viable DNA, but that’s not supposed to happen. Unlike the unfortunate King Richard, dinosaur bones aren’t supposed to have any usable DNA because they’re veeeeeery old. So what gives? Perhaps they aren’t quite as old as scientists have thought. Dr. Carl Wieland, MD, guests. (www.creation.com)


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