Mar 2, 2013

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What Were We Thinking?

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130009 03/02/2013

This week marked the 80th anniversary of the Reichstag fire in Germany in 1933, which allowed Hitler to become a dictator using a supposed crisis in government to suspend civil rights. John’s boralogue begins the show by comparing the Reichstag fire’s political dynamics with this week’s contrived crisis of sequestration, and an observation that bad laws are still bad laws, even when enacted for a good purpose.

Why is it Christian parents insist on having their kids educated by an institution which was established on hostility to their religious beliefs? Strange phenomenon but it seems to a major contributor to the ongoing faith crises being experienced by youth. Russ Miller ( guests for the first part of the program.

Then we’ll delve a bit into the government’s MK-ULTRA program with Dr. Henry Wall, author of “From Healing to Hell.” Dr. Wall’s father was an involuntary subject of the CIA program’s experimentation.

Finally, we’ll air clips from John’s speech in Newport Beach, California, last week entitled, “What Were we Thinking?” It views our experiences today from the year 2018 and asks, “What we were thinking?” about the many silly things we as a society are doing today. Didn’t we see what the consequences would be?

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