Mar 16, 2013

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Anti-Antisemitism in Europe

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130011 03/16/2013

John’s boralogue unites a comparison of the Petrus Romanus papal prophecy, the election of Pope Francis, a history of the Catholic church in Latin America and the basis for long-standing Antisemitism in Europe.

Then we flow directly from that into a discussion with Giulio Meotti at /Il Foglio/ ( in Italy about multiple transitions under way in Europe from multiculturalism to Antisemitism.

It’s important follow up global causes championed by the media. Typically the media and governments that promote them look away when their pet causes go sour. After apartheid was abolished in South Africa, the media refused to acknowledge that the country experienced deteriorating social and economic conditions, along with the rise of violence, a reappearance of racism and systematic murders of Boer farmers by roving gangs armed with AK-47s. Arnold Ahlert ( returns to the program. This interview is instructive for the next cause the media will champion.


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