Mar 23, 2013

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The Cyprus Crisis and Global Currencies

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130012 03/23/2013

John’s boralogue starts the program with a summary of the Cyprus banking crisis as it affects the euro and the dollar.

Then we flow directly into a discussion with Forbes Magazine contributor Tim Worstall in Portugal about the confidence crisis which the Cyprus banking situation has caused in Europe, including the flagrant breach of contract law. If nothing else, this heavy-handed move has unleashed jitters in Europe and is causing a flight into the dollar, which is ironic in that just a few years ago, we were told the euro was going replace the dollar as the world’s reserve currency.

Then Dexter van Zile from CAMERA ( reveals how young evangelicals’ attitudes towards same-sex marriage and support for Israel are related issues and both are changing to conform with politically correct thinking.

Finally, there seems to be a disturbing trend to convert elected offices in counties around the country to appointed ones. Sheriff Jeff Christopher from Sussex County, Delaware is the final guest on today’s show.


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