Mar 30, 2013

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Same Sex Marriage and the Cascade of Lost Battles

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130013 03/30/2013

Happy Easter weekend everyone. Christ is Risen!

John’s boralogue begins the show with a demonstration of the shift in cultural values from Christianity to secularist norms resulting in a series of failing culture war battles of which the same-sex marriage debate is just one skirmish.

Then we’ll summarize the Supreme Court’s Defense of Marriage hearings with an interview featuring Sherif Girgis, co-author of “What is Marriage? Man and Woman: a Defense.”

Bill Powers of ( joins the show next to examine the worldwide energy situation. Although energy prices are pushing upwards, the onrushing energy crisis seems to have been slowed for a while.

Recently, scientists announced they had confirmed the existence of the predicted Higgs Boson. So who cares? What does that mean? Steve Elwart ( returns to to examine this item and why it’s significant in the search for origins of the universe.

Finally, we’ll end with butterflies and why they are such a marvelous example of creation engineering. Paul Nelson is guest.


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  1. Russell Martin says:

    Concerning the shift to electric cars and such, where is the power coming from and who will pay for it and what cost? Electric cars seems romantic to those in the “green” movement, yet they don’t supply the reasoning for dismantling of hydroelectic plants and dams. Also, the world economy is still dependent on oil for almost every product is craves in the market place.

    It apparent to me there are a group of people at the top of the power structure in this world that DON’T want people the world over to have access to affordable energy sources and distribution systems. They feel that they are the only ones to benefit from the natural resources that is still in abundance.

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