Apr 20, 2013

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Naming the Blame Game

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130016 04/20/2013

In the wake of this week’s terrorist bombing at the Boston Marathon, the mainline media lost no time in speculating about the probability of a white, right-wing bomber being responsible. John’s boralogue explains how the hate-speech, terrorist blame game works and expands this to show how the entire hate-speech methodology distorts issues in the public square.

We’ll continue this thought flow with Ben Johnson from Life Site News (www.lifesitenews.com), detailing the media’s failure to cover the abortion murder trial of Dr. Kermit Gosnell, until it was shamed into doing it by the alternative media. This include a history of the constantly changing landscape of politically-correct thinking regarding abortion.

Gold has been hammered the last two weeks in an expected blow off, so we’ll explain why. Then few seem to notice that, despite Occupy Wall Street yelling and screaming, none of the Wall Street people responsible for the 2007 sub-prime mortgage blowout have been prosecuted, nor have provisions been made to prevent its occurrence again, and conditions for another major financial storm are brewing rapidly. Our guest, Greg Hunter, (www.usawatchdog.com) is passionate about this subject.


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