Jun 8, 2013

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If You’ve Done Nothing Wrong, Lots Still to Worry About

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130023 06/08/2013

Scandals everywhere! We’re shocked that…..nah, I guess not.

“Beware the shifting definitions,” we have always said. The right was sure thrashing around this week bemoaning its support of the Patriot Act. They never thought it would deteriorate this far into abuse. Are they really that naive? Apparently so. Where power goes, trouble grows.

John’s boralogue itemizes the important things we have learned from the IRS, Benghazi, eavesdropping, and NSA spying scandals. In essence, we learned that all the promises form Clinton to Bush to Obama about protecting our information and rights was hooey.

“If you have done nothing wrong, you have nothing to worry about.” How often has that nostrum been proven false? As government scandals rage, the Supreme Court failed once again this week to defend the constitution by permitting compulsory extraction of DNA samples from people who have not been convicted of a crime. Bob Unruh at WorldNetDaily (www.wnd.com) is the first guest today.

With new challenges to the practice of religion being posed by Obamacare and the latest IRS scandal, what is the future of freedom of worship in the United States? Lee Pitts has written on this subject for World Magazine. (www.worldmag.com)

Pursuing our thread of double standards when dealing with free speech and religion in the western world, we’ll look at a blatant case at an Australian university. Brooke Goldstein and Benjamin Ryberg from The Lawfare Project (www.thelawfareproject.org) join the show.


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