Jun 10, 2013

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Think the Latest Surveillance Scandals are Something New?

Think the latest surveillance scandals are something new? We’ve been telling you all along this was happening. Here’s a sample list of some of the programs we’ve covered on the subject. Members with a Premium subscription can listen to these and more!

08/04/2012 – Freedom of Speech and Religion on the Line
01/01/2011 – Looking Forward by Looking Back
10/28/2006 – So You’re Not a Terrorist…Yet
10/21/2006 – To Save or Destroy the Republic?
12/04/2004 – Patriot Act II
10/23/2004 – Whatever Happened to the Peace Process?
06/26/2004 – Well Is There a Connection or Not?
12/20/2003 – The Christian History Project
01/18/2003 – Anyone Remember the Constitution?
10/05/2002 – Not Guilty But So What?
08/17/2002 – Big Brother’s Pressing Blowout

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