Aug 3, 2013

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How Governments Use Disinformation

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130031 08/03/2013

As Secretary of State John Kerry announces resumption of peace talks (again), John’s boralogue once again tracks the multi-dimensional chess game in the Middle East, this time with an emphasis on the hidden role economics and energy play in the geopolitics of the region.

This week’s emerging militarized police state thread takes an unusual thrust. For years the communists used systematic disinformation to discredit enemies and confuse their opponents. The hard part for westerners to understand is that their governments oftentimes do the same thing. Our first guest is Professor Ronald Rychlak, co-author of the book, “Disinformation.” His partner is Lt. General Ion Mihai Pacepa, formerly the chief of communist Romania’s espionage service.

The amount of verbal vitriol following the George Zimmerman trial verdict stunned many, making it clear the racial rhetoric of the last 50 years has only driven wedges between racial groups rather than promoting unity. It’s also clear that the path out these conflicts involve education and moral issues, which will fall on the shoulders of individuals rather than government programs or activist groups. Pastor and Professor John Coleman ( returns for an in-depth conversation about things that actually work in south central Los Angeles to give minority youth the education they need.

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