Aug 17, 2013

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The Weather Underground and Change Agents

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130033 08/17/2013

John’s boralogue narrates the process whereby shifting definitions effectively alter legislation such as the Civil Rights Act from the noble goals of its framers to something they never envisioned.

We’re opening a new thread today on “change agentry” and its origins in communist ideology. Former FBI informant Larry Grathwohl is author of “Bringing Down America,” based on his 1970s experience as an FBI infiltrator in the Weather Underground. Unfortunately Larry passed away in July shortly before we had hoped to have him on the show. Cliff Kincaid from Accuracy in Media worked extensively with Larry Grathwohl and Cliff joins us to review the life of this courageous freedom fighter.

Picking up the thread on family issues in the black community, the Black Conservative Summit will take place in Illinois at the end of this month. Dr. Eric Wallace, Ph.D., ( is the conference organizer, taking aim at out-of-wedlock births, gang violence, abortion and school dropouts among minority youth.

How many teeth in a horse’s mouth? Why don’t you just count them? Why do so many youth leave the church and become atheists? Why don’t you just ask them? Larry Taunton with the Fixed Point Foundation ( author of an article, “Listening to Young Atheists: Lessons for a Stronger Christianity,” addresses this issue.

Finally we’ll wrap out the show with sobering comments on the future dollar distress by John Williams from Shadow Government Statistics (

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